Husky Tool Boxes

Husky Tool Boxes

Husky tool boxes are the ideal way to store all the tools that are necessary to finish any big or small project. A compact toolbox is ideal for any handyman because it keeps all the tools safe and all in one place for when they are required. Husky is a brand name known for manufacturing the best quality of premium tool boxes. Husky also manufactures very sturdy and strong tools that can be used effectively by both professionals and the average home handyman.

Husky Tool BoxesHusky tool boxes are made with top quality materials, therefore they are very durable and can last for generations. Unlike other brands that only offer warranties lasting 1-2 years, Husky is known to offer a lifetime warranty for its tool boxes. This proves how confident the company is regarding its products, and this confidence is passed on to the consumers who put their trust in the Husky brand. Consumers can rest assured that if their toolbox breaks or there is a manufacturing defect, then it will quickly be replaced with a new one.

Husky tool boxes are available in a number of shapes and sizes to suit all needs, ranging from  residential purposes to professional use.

A few examples of Husky Tool Boxes are :

  • 26-inch, 6 drawer toolbox – This toolbox has 6 wide fitted drawers for easy storage of all your tools. The drawers have a channel fitted for easy sliding of the drawers. The main beauty lies in its specially designed lid. It is available with locks to keep your tools safe and secure, and comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • 3 drawer plastic toolbox – This toolbox has three drawers and is made of polypropylene and steel extension slides which make it dent free and rust free. It also is available with a warranty period of 3 years.
  • 36-inch, 5 drawer stainless steel tool boxes – These toolboxes are quite similar to the 26-inch, 6 drawer toolboxes in terms of features, but they are slightly more cubical in access. Since they are bigger and accommodates more tools.
  • Husky truck tool boxes – These are more for professional use for trucksHusky Tool Boxes and heavy projects. The coating of the paint makes it abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant. They can accommodate a large amount of heavy tools without getting sagged. These are slightly higher in range than the other husky tool boxes because of the multi-purpose use they provide. They can be used at home as well as for work purposes.

Overall, Husky tool boxes have made a well recognized name for themselves in the tool industry. Consumers can truly trust on the brand and relay on the toolboxes without any hesitations or doubts.